LPGA Golf: Who’s Hot And Who’s Not

Golf is a popular sport that has a long and very colorful history. Aside from playing golf, many people enjoy watching professional golfers on the field. It seems that at the present time there are some very hot golfers and of course there are some that are not so hot at the moment.

Paula Creamer won her very first golf tournament at age 16. Creamer has already had two very amazing wins in 2017. Paula Creamer’s 2017 victories include the Sem Group Championship as well as the Fields Open victory. Without a doubt Paula Creamer is a red hot commodity at present. Who knows what other victories Creamer may have in store for the remainder of the season. Without a doubt Creamer is a very talented player with a great deal of luck thus far.

Morgan Pressel is one of the youngest female players to win a LPGA Major Championship. Pressel was barely 18 years of age when she won her LPGA Championship. Winning the Kraft-Nabisco Championship back in 2007 definitely put Pressel on the map as one of the greats in golf.

Morgan Pressel is very hot this season, that is something that can not be denied. Only time will tell what else is in store for Pressel. Pressel certainly has drive and ability, she has a great deal of control about what her future in golf holds. It will be interesting to see how all of this plays out within the coming months. Pressel for sure is at the top of the “Hottie” list of 2017. If such a list existed Pressel would for sure be named as one of the best.

Lorena Ochoa is an LPGA top player at present. Ochoa already has five victories this season. Lorena Ochoa was recently named one of Time magazine’s 100 most influential people. This is quite an honor for a young professional golfer like Lorena Ochoa.

Lorena Ochoa is a number player and she is certainly hot and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. Ochoa’s talent and ability is admired by many and she seems to receive a great deal of support from her public. Hopefully even better things are to come for Lorena Ochoa.

Anna Rawson is not only a golfer but a successful model. Rawson has a conditional status as a golfer. The conditional status Anna Rawson acquired was due to the LPGA tour. Rawson without a doubt receives a great deal of attention. However, some feel the attention she receives is due to her beauty and personality as opposed to her golf skill.

Anna Rawson is a newcomer and she deserves a chance like everyone else to prove herself. It certainly does not hurt to be beautiful which Rawson can certainly make that claim. Anna Rawson seems serious and willing to work at her ability in golf. Rawson has plenty of chances within the coming months to show what she is made of. We can only hope Rawson’s golf ability develops into something memorable. Without a doubt you would have to say Anna Rawson is “hot” in the looks department However, her golfing skills can stand room for improvement.

Rawson is essentially a rookie therefore she has much to learn. In addition, Rawson must also work on developing her skill and technique as a new player. Therefore, it is a bit early to rate Rawson’s playing skills. Give the rookie some time to develop her talent.

Jill Mc Gill seems to enjoy golf very much. Mc Gill has never won on tour and it does not seem to bother her all that much. It would be accurate to say at the present time that Jill Mc Gill is not a hot commodity on the playing field. However, some give her credit for expressing her ambitions to become a singer. Only time will tell what the future holds for this veteran golfer.

NBA Trade Deadline: What Went Down

As the NBA trade deadline approaches each and every year, there is a frenetic energy that starts taking place all over the league. Management and coaches from each team begin analyzing their rosters and considering what potential trade deals could improve their team, ultimately giving them a better chance when playoffs role around. This year was no different, with some massive trade deals going down.

Perhaps the biggest trade that went down this season involved Demarcus Cousins, who was traded from the struggling Sacramento Kings, to the New Orleans Pelicans. This trade has been hailed as absolutely baffling and has widely been considered one of the worst trade deals that has ever been made. Not only is Demarcus Cousins one of the most dynamic players in the league, but he was about the only player that was keeping the Kings afloat. While there was quite a bit of talk about Cousins being unhappy in the capital city of California, this deal made absolutely no sense. The Kings essentially traded their franchise player, while acquiring a handful of players that are fairly mediocre. The Kings have been notable when it comes to poor trade deals, which most people attribute to their lack of competitiveness in the Western Conference.

This trade deal is even more baffling, when you consider the fact that Cousins is now joining up with Anthony Davis. New Orleans got a slam dunk on this deal, as they now possess two players with nearly identical, albeit ridiculous numbers. Both average about a dozen rebounds per game, while occupying the number four and six spots, in regards to points scored per game this season. The Kings are a team that have been struggling for many years and this is may be the nail in the coffin, which locks them in for years to come. There are a ton of trades that happened around the league before the deadline this year, but this was the highlighted deal that almost every sportscaster has been highlighting. While there is no denying the fact that Demarcus Cousins was unhappy with his role in Sacramento, the Kings should not have opted for this trade. They more than likely shot themselves in the foot, and unless something dramatic happens, it looks like they are going to remain at the bottom of the Western Conference for quite some years.

The Suns and the Raptors struck up a mutually beneficial deal, although there is no question who got the better end of the exchange. The Raptors acquired P.J. Tucker, who is going to be an amazing addition to their team. On the other hand, the Suns got Jared Sullinger, as well as a few picks in 2017 and 2018. Sullinger has not proven himself to a major extent in the league, although there is quite a bit of growing room. The Suns may also benefit with wise trade picks, but the Raptors will benefit greatly with P.J. Tucker.

The Houston Rockets decided to make a trade that would open up their cap space, as they traded K.J. McDaniels to the Brooklyn Nets. This has to be considered a great deal for the Nets, as he is a great players and is likely going to improve in Brooklyn. On the other hand, the freed up space will give the Houston Rockets more room to adjust in the future. This year was a bit interesting, based on the fact that there were a ton of trades that did not involve direct player trades. There were a ton of options, cap space freed up, as well as draft picks that were exchanged.

Richest Sports Contracts Of All-Time

*Rich Contracts makes for Rich Players:

Sports contracts seem to grow larger each and every year. Sports figures get paid very well for doing something that they enjoy. However, there are some very rich celebrity athletes that became very wealthy due to super multi million contracts.

Some notable sports contracts that made sports figures very rich include Joe Mauler of the Minnesota Twins. Mauer without a doubt is a talented and dedicated baseball player. Mauer managed to receive a contract which guarantees $140 Million over an eight year period.

MLB contracts tend to pay the sports figure more money than they would normally make. In 2008, Mauer managed to hit an impressive . 328. After a very good season for Mauer in 2008 it seems he was offered astronomical amounts of money if he continued to play baseball. I am sure Mauer had no problem negotiating and accepting his very large salary.

Clayton Kershaw currently plays for the LA Dogers. Since 2014 Kershaw and other players watched their salaries literally sky rocket. Kershaw will earn $215 Million over a seven year period. Some question weather Kershaw is really worth that amount of money.

Kershaw for sure is a talented player that made his mark in baseball. However, in spite of his large salary Kershaw has the lowest ERA with a minimum of 1,000 innings. It seems having a low ERA does nothing to lower the salary of certain players.

Kershaw without a doubt has one of the richest contracts within baseball history. Kershaw has a powerful arm which contributed to his pitching abilities. Kershaw was simply at the right place at the right time. From all outward appearances Kershaw loves his career and has no plans to retire from baseball any time soon.

Joey Votto of the Cincinatti Reds has a contract that guarantees earnings of $215 Million dollars over a ten year period. Joey Votto is certainly a well grounded and devoted player. It does seem that Votto’s popularity continues to increase which can only serve to help him in a variety of ways.

Playing first base for a National league team was Joey Votto’s ultimate dream. I guess it is true that sometimes dreams do come true. Votto has secured his place within baseball history at the young age of 33. Joey Votto is one of the highest paid baseball players.

Albert Pujols plays for the Los Angeles Angels. Pujols previously played for the Cardinals. Playing for the Cardinals enabled Pujols to prove his abilities as well as build a reputation as a tough and dedicated player.

*Contracts & Negotiations:

Albert Pujols has an existing contract that will pay him $240 Million dollars over a period of ten years. Making it to an all star team certainly paid off in many ways for Albert Pujols. Pujols salary increased from $210 Million to $240 Million when he left the Cardinals to play for the Angels.

Professional baseball has made many players very rich. It seems the salaries of sports figures steadily increases over time. Some may feel salaries for sports figures is inflated. However, I don’t think you will see the players themselves complaining about their compensation package.

10 Best Point Guards in NBA History

The ten best point guards in NBA history are not ranked in any particular order. These are the ten most prolific and magical men at their position, and they have brought prestige to the NBA through their play. Each of them lives on a highlight reel somewhere on television, and they will likely remain in their current class of the greatest even as future generations evolve.

#1: Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson willed his team to the NBA final to eventually lose to the Lakers, but he was a player to watch every night. His competitive fire may be found in interviews he gave to the media. Talking about practice and his love for the game is where Allen Iverson shows that she contains a passion that other people simply do not have.

#2: Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson is the tallest point guard on this list, and he is the most dynamic. He led the Showtime Lakers to five championships, and he paired with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to make an almost unstoppable offense. His name alone says it all.

#3: Larry Bird

Larry Bird is nicknamed Larry Legend because his legend brought Boston back to prominence. The team fed off his uncanny ability to make any shot, and he was so competitive that other players dared not face him. Stories abound of him making shots that players dared him to make, and his three championships speak to his success on the court.

#4: John Stockton

John Stockton is the all-time assists leader because he played with a great forward by the name of Karl Malone. The two men combined to break records left and right for a duo, and they took their Utah Jazz teams to two NBA finals. He is the last man to wear short shorts in the NBA, but that is because no one had a sweeter passing motion than he.

#5: Oscar Robertson

Oscar Robertson averaged a triple-double for a season. That feat alone places him on this list, and he is known well for his ball-handling skills. There are many who claim no one could match him aside from Pistol Pete.

#6: Pistol Pete Marovich

Pistol Pete came to the NBA with trick shots and handling moves that a majority of the league did not understand. His hands were so smooth that many players could not defend him. He could seemingly make the ball appear in a new place, or he would take a shot that baffled the defender as he backed away to collect his two points.

#7: Isaiah Thomas

Isaiah Thomas led the Detroit Piston to repeat championships in the 1989 and 1990. The defense played on his team was legendary even at the time, and his special relationship with Magic Johnson cemented his own legacy as yet another competitor with the Showtime Lakers.

#8: Bob Cousy

Bob Cousy was the man who passed the ball to Bill Russell for many years. The Celtics won nearly a dozen championships with Bob Cousy passing the ball, and his time with the team will not soon be forgotten. He is the first man mentioned whenever someone wants to remind us of the greats who get left out.

#9: Jerry West

Jerry West is known as the logo. His image was used to create what is the NBA logo of today, and he led the Lakers in the 60s and 70s who battled with the Celtics.

#10: Jason Kidd

Jason Kidd won his lone title with the Dallas Mavericks, and he went to two other NBA finals based on his skill passing the ball. He, like the other men on this list, shows that ball handling and shooting really will win championships.