10 Best Point Guards in NBA History

The ten best point guards in NBA history are not ranked in any particular order. These are the ten most prolific and magical men at their position, and they have brought prestige to the NBA through their play. Each of them lives on a highlight reel somewhere on television, and they will likely remain in their current class of the greatest even as future generations evolve.

#1: Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson willed his team to the NBA final to eventually lose to the Lakers, but he was a player to watch every night. His competitive fire may be found in interviews he gave to the media. Talking about practice and his love for the game is where Allen Iverson shows that she contains a passion that other people simply do not have.

#2: Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson is the tallest point guard on this list, and he is the most dynamic. He led the Showtime Lakers to five championships, and he paired with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to make an almost unstoppable offense. His name alone says it all.

#3: Larry Bird

Larry Bird is nicknamed Larry Legend because his legend brought Boston back to prominence. The team fed off his uncanny ability to make any shot, and he was so competitive that other players dared not face him. Stories abound of him making shots that players dared him to make, and his three championships speak to his success on the court.

#4: John Stockton

John Stockton is the all-time assists leader because he played with a great forward by the name of Karl Malone. The two men combined to break records left and right for a duo, and they took their Utah Jazz teams to two NBA finals. He is the last man to wear short shorts in the NBA, but that is because no one had a sweeter passing motion than he.

#5: Oscar Robertson

Oscar Robertson averaged a triple-double for a season. That feat alone places him on this list, and he is known well for his ball-handling skills. There are many who claim no one could match him aside from Pistol Pete.

#6: Pistol Pete Marovich

Pistol Pete came to the NBA with trick shots and handling moves that a majority of the league did not understand. His hands were so smooth that many players could not defend him. He could seemingly make the ball appear in a new place, or he would take a shot that baffled the defender as he backed away to collect his two points.

#7: Isaiah Thomas

Isaiah Thomas led the Detroit Piston to repeat championships in the 1989 and 1990. The defense played on his team was legendary even at the time, and his special relationship with Magic Johnson cemented his own legacy as yet another competitor with the Showtime Lakers.

#8: Bob Cousy

Bob Cousy was the man who passed the ball to Bill Russell for many years. The Celtics won nearly a dozen championships with Bob Cousy passing the ball, and his time with the team will not soon be forgotten. He is the first man mentioned whenever someone wants to remind us of the greats who get left out.

#9: Jerry West

Jerry West is known as the logo. His image was used to create what is the NBA logo of today, and he led the Lakers in the 60s and 70s who battled with the Celtics.

#10: Jason Kidd

Jason Kidd won his lone title with the Dallas Mavericks, and he went to two other NBA finals based on his skill passing the ball. He, like the other men on this list, shows that ball handling and shooting really will win championships.