LPGA Golf: Who’s Hot And Who’s Not

Golf is a popular sport that has a long and very colorful history. Aside from playing golf, many people enjoy watching professional golfers on the field. It seems that at the present time there are some very hot golfers and of course there are some that are not so hot at the moment.

Paula Creamer won her very first golf tournament at age 16. Creamer has already had two very amazing wins in 2017. Paula Creamer’s 2017 victories include the Sem Group Championship as well as the Fields Open victory. Without a doubt Paula Creamer is a red hot commodity at present. Who knows what other victories Creamer may have in store for the remainder of the season. Without a doubt Creamer is a very talented player with a great deal of luck thus far.

Morgan Pressel is one of the youngest female players to win a LPGA Major Championship. Pressel was barely 18 years of age when she won her LPGA Championship. Winning the Kraft-Nabisco Championship back in 2007 definitely put Pressel on the map as one of the greats in golf.

Morgan Pressel is very hot this season, that is something that can not be denied. Only time will tell what else is in store for Pressel. Pressel certainly has drive and ability, she has a great deal of control about what her future in golf holds. It will be interesting to see how all of this plays out within the coming months. Pressel for sure is at the top of the “Hottie” list of 2017. If such a list existed Pressel would for sure be named as one of the best.

Lorena Ochoa is an LPGA top player at present. Ochoa already has five victories this season. Lorena Ochoa was recently named one of Time magazine’s 100 most influential people. This is quite an honor for a young professional golfer like Lorena Ochoa.

Lorena Ochoa is a number player and she is certainly hot and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. Ochoa’s talent and ability is admired by many and she seems to receive a great deal of support from her public. Hopefully even better things are to come for Lorena Ochoa.

Anna Rawson is not only a golfer but a successful model. Rawson has a conditional status as a golfer. The conditional status Anna Rawson acquired was due to the LPGA tour. Rawson without a doubt receives a great deal of attention. However, some feel the attention she receives is due to her beauty and personality as opposed to her golf skill.

Anna Rawson is a newcomer and she deserves a chance like everyone else to prove herself. It certainly does not hurt to be beautiful which Rawson can certainly make that claim. Anna Rawson seems serious and willing to work at her ability in golf. Rawson has plenty of chances within the coming months to show what she is made of. We can only hope Rawson’s golf ability develops into something memorable. Without a doubt you would have to say Anna Rawson is “hot” in the looks department However, her golfing skills can stand room for improvement.

Rawson is essentially a rookie therefore she has much to learn. In addition, Rawson must also work on developing her skill and technique as a new player. Therefore, it is a bit early to rate Rawson’s playing skills. Give the rookie some time to develop her talent.

Jill Mc Gill seems to enjoy golf very much. Mc Gill has never won on tour and it does not seem to bother her all that much. It would be accurate to say at the present time that Jill Mc Gill is not a hot commodity on the playing field. However, some give her credit for expressing her ambitions to become a singer. Only time will tell what the future holds for this veteran golfer.

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