NBA Trade Deadline: What Went Down

As the NBA trade deadline approaches each and every year, there is a frenetic energy that starts taking place all over the league. Management and coaches from each team begin analyzing their rosters and considering what potential trade deals could improve their team, ultimately giving them a better chance when playoffs role around. This year was no different, with some massive trade deals going down.

Perhaps the biggest trade that went down this season involved Demarcus Cousins, who was traded from the struggling Sacramento Kings, to the New Orleans Pelicans. This trade has been hailed as absolutely baffling and has widely been considered one of the worst trade deals that has ever been made. Not only is Demarcus Cousins one of the most dynamic players in the league, but he was about the only player that was keeping the Kings afloat. While there was quite a bit of talk about Cousins being unhappy in the capital city of California, this deal made absolutely no sense. The Kings essentially traded their franchise player, while acquiring a handful of players that are fairly mediocre. The Kings have been notable when it comes to poor trade deals, which most people attribute to their lack of competitiveness in the Western Conference.

This trade deal is even more baffling, when you consider the fact that Cousins is now joining up with Anthony Davis. New Orleans got a slam dunk on this deal, as they now possess two players with nearly identical, albeit ridiculous numbers. Both average about a dozen rebounds per game, while occupying the number four and six spots, in regards to points scored per game this season. The Kings are a team that have been struggling for many years and this is may be the nail in the coffin, which locks them in for years to come. There are a ton of trades that happened around the league before the deadline this year, but this was the highlighted deal that almost every sportscaster has been highlighting. While there is no denying the fact that Demarcus Cousins was unhappy with his role in Sacramento, the Kings should not have opted for this trade. They more than likely shot themselves in the foot, and unless something dramatic happens, it looks like they are going to remain at the bottom of the Western Conference for quite some years.

The Suns and the Raptors struck up a mutually beneficial deal, although there is no question who got the better end of the exchange. The Raptors acquired P.J. Tucker, who is going to be an amazing addition to their team. On the other hand, the Suns got Jared Sullinger, as well as a few picks in 2017 and 2018. Sullinger has not proven himself to a major extent in the league, although there is quite a bit of growing room. The Suns may also benefit with wise trade picks, but the Raptors will benefit greatly with P.J. Tucker.

The Houston Rockets decided to make a trade that would open up their cap space, as they traded K.J. McDaniels to the Brooklyn Nets. This has to be considered a great deal for the Nets, as he is a great players and is likely going to improve in Brooklyn. On the other hand, the freed up space will give the Houston Rockets more room to adjust in the future. This year was a bit interesting, based on the fact that there were a ton of trades that did not involve direct player trades. There were a ton of options, cap space freed up, as well as draft picks that were exchanged.

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