Richest Sports Contracts Of All-Time

*Rich Contracts makes for Rich Players:

Sports contracts seem to grow larger each and every year. Sports figures get paid very well for doing something that they enjoy. However, there are some very rich celebrity athletes that became very wealthy due to super multi million contracts.

Some notable sports contracts that made sports figures very rich include Joe Mauler of the Minnesota Twins. Mauer without a doubt is a talented and dedicated baseball player. Mauer managed to receive a contract which guarantees $140 Million over an eight year period.

MLB contracts tend to pay the sports figure more money than they would normally make. In 2008, Mauer managed to hit an impressive . 328. After a very good season for Mauer in 2008 it seems he was offered astronomical amounts of money if he continued to play baseball. I am sure Mauer had no problem negotiating and accepting his very large salary.

Clayton Kershaw currently plays for the LA Dogers. Since 2014 Kershaw and other players watched their salaries literally sky rocket. Kershaw will earn $215 Million over a seven year period. Some question weather Kershaw is really worth that amount of money.

Kershaw for sure is a talented player that made his mark in baseball. However, in spite of his large salary Kershaw has the lowest ERA with a minimum of 1,000 innings. It seems having a low ERA does nothing to lower the salary of certain players.

Kershaw without a doubt has one of the richest contracts within baseball history. Kershaw has a powerful arm which contributed to his pitching abilities. Kershaw was simply at the right place at the right time. From all outward appearances Kershaw loves his career and has no plans to retire from baseball any time soon.

Joey Votto of the Cincinatti Reds has a contract that guarantees earnings of $215 Million dollars over a ten year period. Joey Votto is certainly a well grounded and devoted player. It does seem that Votto’s popularity continues to increase which can only serve to help him in a variety of ways.

Playing first base for a National league team was Joey Votto’s ultimate dream. I guess it is true that sometimes dreams do come true. Votto has secured his place within baseball history at the young age of 33. Joey Votto is one of the highest paid baseball players.

Albert Pujols plays for the Los Angeles Angels. Pujols previously played for the Cardinals. Playing for the Cardinals enabled Pujols to prove his abilities as well as build a reputation as a tough and dedicated player.

*Contracts & Negotiations:

Albert Pujols has an existing contract that will pay him $240 Million dollars over a period of ten years. Making it to an all star team certainly paid off in many ways for Albert Pujols. Pujols salary increased from $210 Million to $240 Million when he left the Cardinals to play for the Angels.

Professional baseball has made many players very rich. It seems the salaries of sports figures steadily increases over time. Some may feel salaries for sports figures is inflated. However, I don’t think you will see the players themselves complaining about their compensation package.

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